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    Alexandre Luis

    Hello, my name is Alexandre Luis, I'm 20 years old , I'm Brazilian and in november on 16 to 16 January will be making a trip in search of opportunity in football in the countries , Taiwan ,China , Malaysia and Japan, playing midfield , passes by saveral clubs, if you know a bit of my football contact in my : [email protected] or phone 551 180 326 237 , thank you;

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    Luigi Artioli

    uhauauheuhu isso aqui não é site de empresário, meu deus

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    Wesley Domingos

    Hello, my name is Wesley Domingos I'm 19 years old, I am Brazilian and in November of that year will be going to Asia looking for an opportunity in the middle of football, I am midfield (ambidextrous) will be going with a team that will come out of Brazil in November we will be attending in Malaysia, Japan and Taiwan, if any club or entrepreneur be interested get in contact with this e-mail: we[email protected]

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    Edilson Duarte Tavares

    Sou brasileiro, e gostaria de poder enviar curriculo de dois jovens jogadores do Brasil, sendo zagueiro e atacante, caso algum clube esteja interessado, pode me contactar. Obrigado.